COVID-19 is still a major health issue in Australia and around the world. you can see the latest statistics for Australia here.

Protect yourself from COVID-19

Make sure you are protected by keeping your vaccinations up to date. As of 14/06/2023 the recommendation is for everyone aged 18 and over to get a booster vaccination for COVID-19 6 months after your last vaccination or infection.

Twin Waters Pharmacy offers the latest Bivalent vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer. These vaccines are recommended for everyone 12 years and over.

We can also provide the Novavax for people who can’t receive the recommended vaccines.

Children aged 5-11 years old can also receive their vaccines at Twin Waters Pharmacy.

For the latest complete recommendations for COVID-19 vaccinations please checkout the Australian Government Health – COVID-19 site.

It is also important to consider the environment around you. If you are going to be in crowded places, especially indoors, consider wearing a well fitting mask.

What if I test positive to COVID-19?

If you test positive to COVID-19 there are several steps you should take.

  • Isolate yourself to prevent infecting others and stay home for 7 days or until you have no symptoms of acute respiratory infection
  • Register your infection with Qld Health
  • If any of the following situations apply to you call your doctor or the National Coronavirus hotline 1800 020 080
    • Over 70 years of age
    • Over 30 years of age, identify as either Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander and have pre-existing medical conditions
    • Over 18 years and have immune compromise
    • Over 50 and have pre-existing health conditions
    • Previously been hospitalised with COVID-19
  • If you think your symptoms are getting more severe call the National Coronavirus Hotline 1800 020 080 or 000

You can find more details on the Queensland Health Website

How can Twin Waters Pharmacy help?

We can advise if you should contact your GP or other services. Call us to speak to one of our pharmacists.

We can deliver to your door to allow you to isolate safely. We can provide regular medications, COVID-19 Antivirals or any other items to support you through your infection.

If you are unsure about anything relating to your health or COVID-19 please reach out to Twin Waters Pharmacy so we can help you.