Healthy Saver

Health Saver LogoSource: Twin Waters Pharmacy

At Twin Waters Pharmacy we are continually striving to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients and customers. To help us achieve these goals we have developed the Healthy Saver Program.

Healthy Saver gives you access to our dedicated and expert team and the many pharmacy services to help you live your healthiest life.

What Healthy Savers Offers

Included in the Healthy Saver Membership are:

  • Vaccination Administration – normally $20 (for services not covered by other programs)
  • Blood pressure monitoring – normally $10
  • Blood glucose monitoring – normally $15
  • Cholesterol monitoring – normally $15
  • Urinary Tract Infection diagnosis and management – normally $15 (medication not included)
  • Telehealth consultations with pharmacists – normally $20
  • Document certification – normally $5 for the first 2 pages and $2 for each additional page
  • Leave and Carers Certificates – normally $20
  • Owing prescriptions – normally $10
  • Dedicated one on one pharmacist consultations – normally $20+
    • Optimising your medicines and how they affect you
    • Detailed review of side effects and interactions
    • Lifestyle measures for optimising health
    • Probiotics, vitamins and minerals optimisation to enhance health
    • Screening for a range of chronic health conditions
    • Discussion of your health and health conditions
    • Wound management

Additional Options


medadvisorSource: Medadvisor

As part of the program we help you manage your medication. With the Medadvisor app you can track your prescriptions, get information on your medications and place orders whenever you want.

You can get started early with Medadvisor by downloading the app now.

Healthy Rewards

Healthy RewardsSource: Twin Waters Pharmacy

By joining Healthy Rewards you are eligible to earn points for every dollar you spend in our pharmacy on non-prescription purchases. Not only that, you’ll get access to health advice, giveaways and prizes.

Healthy Saver Membership Options

Healthy Saver Membership offers several payment options to suit your needs:

Save 25%
Save at least 33%
1 Month
12 month minimum
6 Months
Get 1 Month FREE
12 Months
Get 3 Months FREE