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Did you know you can order a prescription directly from our website? If you have a token prescription or a repeat with an eRx Express Code you are in luck. Simply enter it on this page and then send it directly to us.  

You can also order a prescription by forwarding your digital script links or a photo. Send it to our store mobile 0439 523 245.

If you have registered with us for Medadvisor you can also send your orders through the app. You can add digital script tokens, take pictures of paper prescriptions and order repeats. You can also add notes to your oder to include other items or information.

If you have a paper prescription you can take a picture of the script and email it to [email protected] . Paper prescriptions still need to be presented in the pharmacy before medication can be supplied. This includes prescriptions with an eRx Express code.

There are many benefits to getting digital prescriptions. These include:

  • not being able to lose them,
  • having them available when traveling,
  • cutting down on paper usage
  • so many more.

If you want to find out more about digital prescriptions and their benefits then talk to us today. Alternatively, or checkout the Australian Digital Health Agency

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